3D Scanning Systems

Scanning systems are the solution to providing surveyors with high quality data, and doing so quickly. In the past terrestrial scanning systems and methods required slower, more careful work in order to avoid compromising quality. With the range of terrestrial scanning systems available from Afgen, surveyors won’t have to compromise on quality again. Best of all, our scanning systems are built specifically for surveyors, by surveyors.

Terrestrial Laser Scanners

Terrestrial laser scanners provide a means of attaining accurate survey data quickly in a contact-free manner. These survey instruments are thus becoming increasingly vital in surveying applications, offering long-range scanning capabilities, wide field of view, increasingly user-friendly workflow and systems, and easily upgradeable systems. This survey equipment is ideal for the construction, transportation and mining industries, among various others.

Mapping Systems

An integral part of the surveying industry and the industries it serves is mapping. Survey instruments like the Maverick Mobile Mapping System provide a portable and powerful solution to handling mapping, with a scanner that can be installed and operated by a single person. Able to be set up quickly and operated and a host of climates and conditions, the Maverick, in particular, is also capable of 360° imaging and collects up to 700 000 data points per second. Such survey instruments are key to providing quality mapping information quickly and with minimal effort.

Cavity Monitoring Systems

Safety is an ever-present concern, which is why cavity monitoring systems have been designed to scan for dangerous and inaccessible cavities (especially in mining settings). With survey equipment surveyors can determine the size of cavities as well as their volume and structure. This information allows for the planning of safer and more efficient operations, and the ease of use and transportation offered by this equipment further adds to this efficiency, making it the ideal survey solution for mines.