Total Stations

Total stations are a convenient tool for modern surveying and building construction projects, bringing together the capabilities of electronic transit theodolites and electronic distance meters (EDMs). The total station’s telescope rotates in a full vertical circle, using the EDM component to read slope distances from the survey instrument to the spot at which it is aimed.

Improved efficiency

The advancements in the surveying equipment for sale today has also improved the efficiency and productivity of total stations, with robotic total stations requiring only a single surveyor since they can be operated from a distance. This increases the number of projects you can take on at once, sending only one surveyor to each site as opposed to the traditional two, potentially increasing profits while also reducing the labour required per project.

Furthermore, modern robotic total stations are also able to make use of GPS technology to include unseen points without needing to be moved into line of sight, as well as providing surveyors the ability to alter the target area remotely (again removing the need to physically move the device).

Accessibility of Data

Quick and easy access to collected data is provided through a variety of formats. Our range of total stations here at Afgen offer data transfer possibilities including SD cards, USB flash drives, Rs-232C data ports, and more.