Afgen provides surveying software to streamline the way data is collected, processed and stored in the surveying, construction, mining and earth moving industries. Having a true understanding and a high-tech lay of the land can sprout new innovation in these industries through new found speed and accuracy of the results.

Speed and Efficiency

Anyone who works with maps and spatial data is looking for a means of making their processes quick and easy without losing accuracy. Keeping the same level of efficiency but being able to process data faster is what all specialists are after.

GNSS technology has been known to shorten the timeframes of almost any project significantly. One specialist working with state-of-the-art software and survey instruments can do the job in half the time that two or three specialists working with outdated equipment can complete the same task with equal accuracy.

Profitability and Affordability

At the end of the day GNSS surveying software should present more opportunities to grow profit while not being sold at an exorbitant price. Because the majority of the GNS survey systems are standalone spatial data management tools, with extensive collections of analysis and data processing tools, you can trust that you are investing in affordable packages that are sure to turn a profit.

Quality and Accuracy

Much of the GNSS surveying software available from Afgen performs photogrammetric processing of digital images so that time on site is reduced. Extremely exact data, in the form of measurements, can then be deduced from these images off-site.

This smart technology allows the specialist to manipulate the data remove fit specific tasks and different interpretations of the same data on various scales.