AFGEN is committed to striving for service excellence and client satisfaction. We ensure a top down quality approach which is adopted by all levels of management in their dealings with customers and prospective customers.


We are an ISO 9001:2015 Accredited company.  Quality has always been a priority within the company and our quality control assurance system initially led to SABS accreditation as far back as in 1980.


AFGEN is committed to continuous research and development in-house. In addition we partner with our suppliers to focus on training and developing new products.  Our goal is to be continuously at the forefront of new technology.


Afgen is committed to service excellence and customer satisfaction. Our service centre and manufacturing facility are staffed by professionally qualified and factory trained personnel.

Our committed sales team recommend only the best quality products for any application. Our mission is to offer the building, construction, mining and surveying related industries with the best product technology available and, in consultation with our customers, to always provide the best product for any desired application.


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