With the importance of accurately placed instruments and the provision of accurate results, theodolites have become vital survey tools in the modern age. Theodolite survey equipment is used in the field to provide vertical and horizontal graduated circles which are used to accurately survey for angles on a site.

Accurate Placement

Digital theodolites for sale from Afgen offer you all of the benefits this technology has to offer. Although it may seem fairly simplistic, the presence of plummets, a spirit level and various screws allow you to set the device up so that it is perfectly level, positioned at the correct height, and also to ensure that the theodolite remains directly above the stake.

Greater Accuracy

This ability to set up the theodolite exactly as required is one of the features that adds to its excellent accuracy. Further adding to its accuracy is the presence of internal optical devices which aid in reading the circles, resulting in fewer repeat readings being needed and a great amount of precious time being saved.

Digital Display

Another great feature on the digital theodolites for sale today is the easy to read digital display. This digital display provides a far more convenient and simple solution to the old graduated circle from non-digital theodolites, adding yet further to the extra accuracy of the readings provided.