Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) survey equipment has helped surveyors to vastly improve their operations and accuracy in recent years. In essence, GNSS receivers use of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and/or BeiDou systems to accurately locate and study specific positions.

Increased Quality

GNSS survey equipment offers superior quality and accuracy compared to traditional surveying instruments and methods used in the past. This is accomplished in various ways across Afgen’s range of products, with solutions from technology for jamming detection and countermeasures to algorithms for the maintenance of tracking even through heavy vibrations.

Using GNSS and GPS survey equipment is capable of providing accurate results without being obstructed by the weather and/or obstacles in the line of sight.

Shorter Timeframes

One of the greatest benefits to the surveying process of circumventing the challenges mentioned above is that is serves to save a vast amount of time. GNSS survey equipment are also able to operate faster than teams of surveyors could in the past. In some cases these systems have managed to record thousands of geographical points in less than 24 hours, whereas this would have taken a team of surveyors hundreds of hours to complete only close to 1000 points.

Improved Profitability

The immense amount of time saved also leads to a dramatic reduction in labour costs, which helps to improve profit margins a great deal as well. More than that, GNSS survey systems also reduce the amount of man-power needed on projects, meaning that a smaller number of surveyors can be assigned a larger amount of work, further reducing labour costs while also offering the opportunity for increased income.