Digital Levels

Digital levels are highly accurate levelling /measuring survey instruments which have greatly improved the levelling standards and capabilities of the construction industry, as well as in general surveying operations. Digital surveying levels like the KOLIDA DL-200 and DL-2000 series stocked by Afgen are easy to use and offer a range of benefits, including, but not limited to, the following:

Digital Levels are Efficient and Easy to Use

Digital levels offer a level of efficiency that surpasses older, manual technology with time savings of up to 50%. Adding to their efficiency, they offer an ecologically efficient solution in that they do not require any paper as they are conveniently able to store data (up to several thousand points’ worth) on internal memory or SD cards.

These devices are also easy to use, requiring users to simply point them in the right direction and press the necessary buttons to take measurements. The KOLIDA DL-200 series’ one-button operation, especially, removes the need for extensive training and saves you both time and money from the get-go. These devices come with pre-installed programs that assist users with the various levelling tasks for which they are used, including calculations.

Digital Levels are Highly Accurate:

The accuracy of a survey grade digital level is imperative to how it can effectively serve civil engineers and land surveyors all over the world. The products available now have seen levelers evolve to include error reducing functions which serve to alleviate a great deal of inaccuracy as a result of human error and environmental interference. The KOLIDA DL-2003 digital level, for instance, incorporates advanced compensator technology to ensure stability and reliability, and has reached a levelling accuracy of 0.3mm while making a standard 1km double run.

The Advantages of Digital Levels:

There are multiple advantages to making use of expertly developed levels which includes the following:

  • You can now easily manually correct any collimation error to ensure that results are always 100% accurate.
  • Elimination of the possibility for human error, which, in the grand scheme of things, could be disastrous to projects as human error introduces inaccuracies.
  • Digital levels are easy to use with simple and direct instructions as to how to make use of them successfully, no matter the setting.
  • The automation offered by digital levels in the field means their precision is uninterrupted across the board.
  • Modern digital levels can still function optimally, even in low light. This means the time of day no longer dictates when you can take readings.
  • The use of digital levels means that taking an accurate reading is now easier and faster meaning they make for more profitable output.
  • The data gathered by digital levels can be saved on the onboard storage medium which is easily downloaded onto a computer. This further speeds up how quickly this data is available to work with.