Terrestrial Laser Scanners: A Quick Breakdown

Terrestrial laser scanners are used for a variety of industries and reasons. They are used for surveying, prototyping, quality assurance and more. This is because they ensure that processes and jobs are performed faster and with more accuracy within […]

Machine Control and GPS

As technology develops and timelines for construction projects become increasingly shorter, it has become imperative to make use of technology to increase efficiency and productivity on construction sites. Machine control systems are one of these developments that have increased […]

Dumpy Level: A Brief Introduction

Before the dumpy level, there was the Y level. With slow, and complex assembly, the Y level could not keep up with the demands of the surveying industry in the 1800s. This is when inventor William Gravatt designed and […]

A Pipe Laser: What It Is and Why You Need One

Some of the most important systems in society aren’t seen. These are the pipe systems that are laid underground. These systems are what allow us to have access to modern-day plumbing, provide us with drinking water, and much more. […]

The Importance of Underground Utility Locator Equipment

Underground utilities consist of pipes and cables that supply us with electricity, gas, water, internet, and more. Utilities such as electricity lines were previously run above ground, overhead by running them from one pole or tower to the next. […]

What Determines a Measuring Wheel’s Price in South Africa?

There are many measuring tools and instruments available; each with its own pros and cons, making them perfect for different applications. There is, however, one measuring instrument that has been used for centuries and is still popular today. This […]

The Need for GNSS and Field Controllers in South Africa

Within industries such as survey and construction, productivity, accuracy, and efficiency are vital. It is important to be armed with the correct tools in order to achieve optimal productivity and performance. Time is money and the correct equipment can […]

Which is Better: Theodolite or Total Station?

Surveyors have always relied heavily on precision measurements, and they wouldn’t have gotten very far without the use of specialised equipment. The theodolite has a long history of reliability for surveyors, but the total station is quickly gaining popularity. […]

Precision Digital Level Advantages

Digital levels use electronic image processing for advanced levelling work, automatic height calculations, and basic construction work. They produce accurate elevation and distance values. A digital level laser boasts a host of benefits for those requiring accurate results. These […]