Which is Better: Theodolite or Total Station?

Which is Better: Theodolite or Total Station?

Surveyors have always relied heavily on precision measurements, and they wouldn’t have gotten very far without the use of specialised equipment. The theodolite has a long history of reliability for surveyors, but the total station is quickly gaining popularity. In this article, we showcase their differences and let you make up your own mind for which is better.

Theodolite For Sale

Theodolite survey equipment is used in the field to provide vertical and horizontal graduated circles which are used to accurately survey for angles on a site. At its core, it is a telescope that can be moved horizontally and vertically. It is extremely accurate, and the surveyors need only a basic knowledge of trigonometry and precise measurements of the angle changes to provide the necessary information on the area.

Total Station for Sale

By bringing together the capabilities of electronic transit theodolites and electronic distance meters, total station survey equipment provides a brilliant tool for surveying and building construction projects. By rotating in a full vertical circle, the total station uses the EDM component to read slope distances from the starting point to where it is pointed. Because of the laser, a total station can collect much more accurate information over very long distances. And because gathered electronically, it can be immediately imported onto a computer for analysing.

Which One is Right for Me?

The total station will give the user more accurate information than the theodolite, while being operated by one person. It is, however, much more expensive and will require additional training, as well as regular servicing and repairs. Theodolites have centuries of proven operation at a more affordable price, but they require two surveyors to gather data and may lose accuracy over longer distances. The choice between the two will largely depend on your budget and available manpower.

Best Total Stations

The newest total station to Afgen is the KOLIDA Total Station. The KOLIDA Total Station survey equipment can be found on the Afgen website. Afgen has an accredited custom-built service centre that conducts services, repairs and calibrations on all brands of survey equipment. This will include dumpy levels, automatic levels, theodolites, total stations, robotic total stations, GPS, construction lasers, survey accessories, laser distance meters, and more. Contact us for more information.

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