What Part Total Stations Play in Your Surveying Equipment Toolbox

What Part Total Stations Play in Your Surveying Equipment Toolbox

A total station is a surveying instrument that makes use of an electronic transit theodolite together with an electronic distance meter (EDM). A total station also has a microprocessor, electronic data collector and storage system to allow for readings to be uploaded on other devices for accurate measurement.

Used by land surveyors and engineers, this survey equipment can measure sloping distances, as well as horizontal and vertical angles. The microprocessor is a smart device that further calculates the measurements, even if the point cannot be seen by the naked eye. This equipment is used for accurate topographic measurement, as well as in planning of roads, boundaries and buildings.

Benefits of using a total station when surveying

There are multiple benefits of a total station, especially compared with other, less advanced surveying equipment.

  • Saves money: Because the machine can operate independently and does not require a partner machine to work, only one surveyor needs operate it. This saves the site money on both labour and equipment
  • Saves time: With accurate readings made by the superior technology, the total station will eliminate the need for measuring and remeasuring
  • Accurate readings with downloadable data: The accurate data collected from the equipment can be downloaded onto another device for revision. This information will prove invaluable for construction sites and topographical information. It can also be archived for reference at a later stage.

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