Dumpy Levels /Auto Levels

Dumpy and Auto Levels are two types of levelling instruments used in modern surveying operations. As levelling survey instruments Auto and Dumpy Levels are most often used in the surveying of buildings or potential building sites to establish the relative elevations of different points, distances between points, and bearings from around the site.

Dumpy Levels

Dumpy levels are optical surveying instruments which make use of a telescope tube fixed to a supporting structure, which is why they only rotate horizontally. Dumpy levels are used to determine the relative heights between different points on a site as well as their relative distances. They also offer the advantages of rigidity to hold their adjustments, simple construction and high optical power.

Automatic levels

Automatic (or self-levelling) levels are extremely popular survey instruments among contractors and engineers since they are easy and use, can be set up quickly and have proven highly effective. One of the greatest advantages of automatic laser levels is their ability to remain stable and give precise readings. With the use of advanced internal compensator mechanisms, various environmental factors that would otherwise affect the accuracy of related devices are effectively dealt with here.

Furthermore, automatic levels have proven to show higher measurement accuracy that other related devices, making it a highly sought-after and innovative option for competitive and professional construction businesses.