Topcon Survey Equipment

Topcon survey equipment is known to be easy to use and flexible in its application. Their instruments allow you to complete projects in a timely manner while remaining on budget. Their surveying technology is reliable, durable, and accurate; ensuring that you never have to doubt whether you have the correct survey data. Their tools are also able to integrate your data into a singular compatible environment that makes it easy to access and export, no matter where you are located. Their equipment is able to operate effectively under the harshest conditions, ensuring you are able to gather data in most environments. 

Who is Topcon?

Topcon is a globally recognised organisation that specialises in manufacturing equipment and solutions for the agricultural, healthcare, and infrastructure sectors. The development of their infrastructure department is motivated by the global shortage of engineers accompanied by the rise in demand for infrastructure. Their technologies address this problem by increasing the efficiency and accuracy by which surveys can be completed. They strive to make the development and maintenance of cities, roads, and bridges as easy as possible to keep up with the population rise that is being experienced across the globe. 

Topcon Products Available at Afgen 

There are a variety of Topcon products available at Afgen that are sure to provide you with the durability and accuracy you require on-site. These products consist of: 

  • Automatic Levels
  • Construction Lasers
  • Field Controllers
  • GNSS and GPS Sytems
  • Laser Distance Meters
  • Pipe Laser
  • Scanning Sytems
  • Total Stations

Make the Future a Reality

Ensure that you have the survey and mapping solutions you need when you make use of Topcon equipment. Whether you are searching for solutions in engineering, boundary surveys, building, or infrastructure, Topcon equipment is able to support you on your journey to efficiency and accuracy.