Total Station Survey Equipment: A Brief Explanation

man looking through a total station survey instrument

Total Station Survey Equipment: A Brief Explanation

The invention of the total station has increased productivity and accuracy while being operated by one individual. In this article, we will explain how easy it is to use total station survey equipment as well as what they are typically priced at. 

What is a Total Station? 

Total stations are typically utilised by land surveyors and civil engineers. They have been constructed to include and combine an electronic transit theodolite and an electronic distance meter (also known as an EDM). This combination allows it to measure horizontal and vertical angles running from an object to the instrument, measuring the sloping distance within that space. 

Total stations are also fitted with a microprocessor that allows for exact horizontal distance calculation, pinpointing of a location, and the calculation of a reduced level of point. The data collected can also be downloaded to a laptop or computer for easy access and processing later on. 

How Do You Use Total Station Survey Equipment?

Using a total station is quite easy if you know what to do. It is advisable to study the manual provided with your total station; however, using the total station will typically consist of a standard sequence. 

Starting by placing the tripod on the point where measurements are to be taken from, one can then adjust and level the tip. The total station is then to be mounted on top of the tripod. After this one can set the total station to a known point and enter the coordinates of that point. One will then turn the device to the point where the horizontal circle reads zero. The reflector must then be positioned to align with point P. One will then be able to measure the distance. 

Total Station Surveying Equipment Price 

Total stations can be slightly on the pricey side upon initial investment; it does however make up for this cost later on due to the hours saved on-site and the reduced labour costs. The price of a total station will also slightly differ depending on brand and model. Therefore, it is advisable to shop around or contact a provider such as Afgen to receive advice on which total station is best suited to your needs and your budget. 

Contact Afgen to find the perfect total station for your specific requirements. 

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