Topcon Surveying Equipment Used In South Africa

Topcon surveying equipment

Topcon Surveying Equipment Used In South Africa

Topcon Positioning Systems provides positioning and surveying technology for surveyors, engineers, contractors and GIS professionals. This equipment is particularly useful in South Africa, where it has been used for a variety of projects.

If you want to find out more about the different Topcon surveying equipment used in South Africa, this blog post will provide you with all the information you need.


Who Is Topcon?


Topcon is a global leader in the production of cutting-edge products such as automation and sensors in construction, agriculture, and healthcare. In 1932, Topcon provided high-quality solutions that surveyors trust in many Southern African countries.

Topcon Positioning Systems was established in 2001, following a surge in demand for their cutting-edge positioning products, including total stations, digital levels, GNSS receivers, and software technology.


What Equipment Is Used In South Africa?


Topcon Positioning Systems has been a trusted provider of surveying equipment to customers in Southern Africa. Fortunately, at Afgen, we are the only authorised Topcon survey instrument dealer in Southern Africa with certified technicians and a service centre.


Here is the most popular Topcon equipment used in South Africa:


Automatic Levels


Automatic, also referred to as self-levelling, is a popular survey instrument among professionals. It gives precise readings, all while remaining stable on the tripod.

Topcon’s automatic levels are known for their durability and accuracy, making them ideal for construction businesses in Southern Africa. 

The Topcon AT-B Series consists of both an auto level and a dumpy level, offering a super quick levelling with a stabilised line of sight.


Dumpy Levels


Dumpy levels are optical surveying instruments, which means they determine heights between different positions on a site and the relative distances.

Topcon’s dumpy levels offer the advantage of rigidity and stability when you need to survey a site.


Construction Lasers


Construction lasers and levels measure everything from angles and distances to levelling and aligning. Topcon’s construction lasers are well known for their usefulness in controlling machinery, excavation work and accurate erection of buildings.


Here is a list of the most popular Topcon lasers:



Each construction laser has its own set of advantages, such as the ability to set up a range of different slopes and accuracy.


Field Controllers


Field Controllers, also known as data controllers, control, store and work with your collected data from the convenience of a handheld device. It allows professionals to communicate effectively, transfer data between survey instruments, and store data in a secure location.

Topcon field controllers are easy to use, reliable and lightweight, making them perfect for any construction site.

The Topcon FC-6000 and the Topcon FC-600A are the two field controllers that provide you with the most efficient and reliable data-logging capabilities.


GNSS and GPS Systems


GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and GPS (Global Positioning System) systems are necessary for most surveying applications.

When compared to traditional surveying instruments and methods used in the past, GNSS and GPS systems allow surveyors to obtain data quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

Topcon GPS and GNSS systems, like the GNSS Reference Receiver, Hiper HR Multi-Purpose GNSS, and Topcon HiPer VR, provide professionals with all the necessary features to get the job done faster, easier, and more precisely.


Pipe Lasers


Pipe lasers or utility construction lasers are very useful in sewer construction and installation of gravity-fed pipes projects. A pipe laser grades and aligns trenches for the installation of pipes with maximum accuracy.

At Afgen, we offer the Topcon TP-L6 Utility Pipe Laser. It’s a highly convenient, versatile and durable laser that helps to keep professionals safe and efficient while eliminating errors.


Scanning Systems


Scanning systems can provide surveyors with precise data about existing structures and other objects in a single scanning session.

Topcon scanning systems like the Topcon GLS-2200 3D Laser Scanner are designed to scan incredibly accurately and provide users with full-point cloud data. It is also said to be the best fit for ICT construction projects.


Total Stations


In modern surveying and construction projects, total stations are essential equipment. A total station offers both electronic transit theodolites and EDM (electronic distance measurement) capabilities for precise measurements over large distances.

With Topcon’s range of total stations, surveyors can quickly and accurately measure angles and distances from a single point.


Here is a list of Topcon’s total stations that Afgen offers: 



All of these Topcon total stations are designed for precise angle, distance and height measurements, making them ideal for modern surveying projects in South Africa. 


Get Your Topcon Products From Afgen Today!


As the only Topcon GEO survey instrument dealer and Topcon service centre in South Africa as well as in the rest of Southern Africa, Afgen has all your Topcon surveying products. Contact us today to get your hands on any of this quality equipment!

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