The Need for GNSS and Field Controllers in South Africa

The Need for GNSS and Field Controllers in South Africa

Within industries such as survey and construction, productivity, accuracy, and efficiency are vital. It is important to be armed with the correct tools in order to achieve optimal productivity and performance. Time is money and the correct equipment can improve both the time spent on jobs and income.


Two of the most important and handy tools one can have on a construction or survey site is a GNSS and field controller. In this article, we will discuss why there is such a need for GNSS and field controllers in South Africa.

What Are Handheld Data Controllers?

Field controllers, also known as handheld data controllers, are handheld devices that allow one to capture, store, and review the data found on a job. The device can be connected to the survey instrument that is being used at the time, capturing the data through a quick and easy transfer.


Handheld data collectors are built to function in the harsh working environments often found on construction and survey sites. Some of the elements and hazers they are able to handle include vibrations, water and dust.

What is a GNSS Controller?

A GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), is similar to a GPS; however, the device is mainly used by surveyors to improve their accuracy when locating and studying positions on job sites. GNSS survey equipment was created to replace certain traditional survey equipment while increasing accuracy and efficiency. For example, previous survey equipment was often hindered by weather conditions or obstacles blocking one’s line of sight.


A GNSS also reduces the number of employees needed to perform certain tasks, decreasing the labour costs dramatically.

Where to Find GNSS and Field Controllers

At Afgen we have a wide variety of GNSS’s and field controllers available, depending on your specific requirements and industry. It is important to choose the correct tool for your needs as you will not experience the full range of benefits with the wrong model.


It is advisable to enlist the help of an expert to guide you through all of the features of each device and make the correct choice. To find out more about GNSS and field controllers, contact us at Afgen.

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