The Benefits of Land Surveying Drones

land surveying drone

The Benefits of Land Surveying Drones

Not only are drones saving lives, they’re making waves amongst surveying equipment too. The growth of technological advances within every industry has had a positive impact on the rate of productivity and the downsizing of equipment necessary for a job that a single smart device can accomplish efficiently.

Land surveying drones have the ability to capture data while they fly aboveground. They have been used for different tasks such as land surveys, geospatial imagery, 3D mapping, topographic surveying and more.

How is Land Measured with a Land Surveying Drone?

Land surveying is the precise measurement of distance or positioning between spaces using accurate data and a land surveying drone. Data provided by this drone is then used to help make informed land development decisions; from construction planning, to determining property boundaries, road mapping and general landscaping and more.

Benefits of Using Drones for Surveying Land

Because a drone is easy to operate and can fly unmanned, there are multiple benefits that they offer.

  • Land surveying drones can easily reach vantage points that humans simply couldn’t access without the assistance of a helicopter or plane.
  • Because they can fly smoothly and remotely rapidly through the air, they eliminate the need for cumbersome land equipment to get over rough terrain and long land distances, helping to increase safety and save costs.
  • Compared with traditional land surveying equipment, the land surveying drones can complete a task in a fraction of the time with more accurate results.

How Do You Process Drone Data?

Once your measurements have been taken and your data captured, you’ll need to put the information onto a readable device.

Drone Data Outputs

Information captured by the drone will be stored onto a memory card onboard the drone, just like it would be stored inside a camera. Depending on what technology has been installed and how technical the drone is, geotags have been added and can be simply downloaded onto a computer or laptop. The amount of data that can be stored depends on the size of the memory card inside the drone.

For land surveying drones, high resolution cameras and Lidar are used. Photographs get imported to Agisoft Metashape professional photogrammetry software, when processing is complete the point cloud can get exported to any 3D Autodesk software.

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