Survey Equipment Calibration and Services

Survey Equipment Service and Calibration

The proper maintenance of surveying equipment will ensure the accuracy of a project, and so it is crucial for land surveyors to ensure that their tools are performing optimally. From determining property boundaries, preparing construction sites, to mining and industrial surveying, surveyors need to seek the help of survey equipment calibration services in order to properly maintain their gear.

What Equipment is Used for Surveying?

Afgen offers a range of surveying equipment as well as surveying software. Our surveying equipment includes:

Dumpy Levels

Automatic levels

Laser distance meters

GPS and GNSS Systems

Total stations

Construction lasers

Afgen mining lasers


Construction lasers

Survey accessories

DJI Drones

Intrinsically safe cameras

Robotic total stations

GIS products

Maintenance of Surveying Equipment

Afgen offers servicing and calibration of surveying equipment on all of our offerings. We pride ourselves on the quality of their repairs and service projects, with a fast turnaround time.

The quality of our products and services is assured, as we are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company.

Total Station Calibration Services

These tools are used to measure both horizontal and vertical angles. Afgen calibrates total stations at our service centre to ensure that we provide the most accurate results for users. Turnaround time for calibrating total stations is between (client to fill in)

Total station brands include Topcon, Pentax, Kolida, and KTS.


GPS Calibration Services

To improve location and coordinate accuracy, we calibrate GPS and GNSS systems including HiPer, TopCon, Carlson, the E-series, Polar, Kolida and more.

We have a modern, fully functional, state of the art service centre at our headquarters in Kyalami which is staffed by factory trained personnel.

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