Rotating Laser Level from Afgen

Rotating Laser Level from Afgen

There is a wide range of different types of rotating laser levels in South Africa, made for different purposes and area spans. It’s a brilliant tool for the construction industry, contractors, and even DIY boffins.

Rotating laser levels are used in projects where a layout needs to be measured, and results in an accurate, level reference. These projects may include, but are not limited to, installing ceiling tiles, railings around a room, receptacles for power within a home under construction. Laser levels can even be involved with larger projects like installing piping underground and inside buildings.

To achieve precise levelling on different job sites, it’s important to look at the specifications of your rotating laser level options.

What Is the Best Rotary Laser Level for The Price?
A rotary laser emits a level line in a rotary fashion around an area to measure it by 360 degrees. Rotary lasers tend to be large instruments mounted on a tripod for stability and height. Some Rotary Laser Levels can also be laid over on their side, using an optional trivet that allows them to project on a vertical plane. Most of them are designed to be used indoors, but they may be used outdoors if there is an additional laser detector / laser receiver component on it.

Rotary Lasers Available from Afgen

Laisai LSG525TS Automatic Levelling Construction Laser 

This is two-way rotary laser used for the fitting of ceilings and large curtain walls, square ground levelling, etc. It provides accurate horizontal, vertical and slope orientation reference for indoor and outdoor uses.

LS530III Dual Axis Grade One-Way Rotary Laser

This dual rotary laser is a digital, multi-functional, fully-automatic tool which is integrated with the most advanced photoelectricity and digital technology. It provides high accuracy and multipurpose construction referencing for the large-scale areas, farmland levelling, airport and road construction and more.

LS-525S Electronic Levelling Laser Scanner

Much like the LS530III Dual Axis Grade One-Way Rotary Laser, the LS-525S Electronic Levelling Laser Scanner is automatic, multi-functional and completely digital. It provides unmatched accuracy and multipurpose construction reference for the major construction projects including for floors and tiling, painting and coating etc.

For rotary levels for sale in South Africa, contact Afgen for more information.

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