Topcon GLS-2000 Multi-Functional 3D Laser Scanner

Topcon GLS-2000 Multi-Functional 3D Laser Scanner

  • Description


  • Speedy, precise scanning with variable range settings
  • “Precise Scan Technology II” providing high quality point cloud data with reduced noise
  • Full-dome scanning range
  • World’s first “Direct Height Measurement”
  • Easy and accurate registration methods
  • Onboard software with intuitive and easy operation

Realizing high-speed scanning in all work steps

With the GLS-2000, true high-speed laser scanning is realized. The GLS-2000 can provide stress-free measurement throughout an entire project with increased productivity and high efficiency.

TOF measurement with improved speed

TOF measurement, with quality data with less noise, is further enhanced with ultra high-speed direct sampling technology, resulting in quick and accurate measurement.

Easy and intuitive on-board control software

With the on-board control software, the scanning can be simply started with one-touch of button. Together with color graphical display, scanning operation can be intuitively proceeded.

Dual camera

Equipped with dual camera, 170° wide angle camera (5 megapixels) and 8.9° narrow angle camera (5 megapixels) which is arranged in coaxial with the measuring axis. The wide-angle camera obtains images at high speed

5 types of measurement mode supported

The GLS-2000 provides a wide range of measuring modes to accommodate different job site demands to achieve accurate and increased productivity regardless of site conditions.