Sky Cruiser FLYme UAV Fixed Wing Drone

Sky Cruiser FLYme UAV Fixed Wing Drone

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Product Description

The Sky Cruiser FLYme UAV is a fixed wing UAV with aerial photography for inspection, mapping and industrial applications.


  • Fixed-wing;
  • Modular design;
  • 1000W electric pusher motor with 13-inch propeller;
  • Lithium polymer battery, one unit;
  • Industrial EPO foam;
  • Autopilot computer;
  • On-board sensor: air speedometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, etc.;
  • Integrated with radio data link device;
  • Sony RX1RII;
  • Automatic takeoff, flight, data capture and landing.


  • Road surveys;
  • Power line inspections;
  • Topographic surveys;
  • Mining surveys.

Key Benefits

  • Precise aerial positioning & waypoint navigation;
  • Smart elevation partition for elevated area;
  • Corridor/linear mapping flight plan;
  • Multi-zone planning in a single fight

The Sky Cruiser FLYme UAV system was created specifically to aid in professional aerial mapping. It is commonly used in the following applications:

  • road surveys
  • power line inspections
  • topographic surveys
  • mining surveys

As a professional aerial mapping tool, the FLYme sports waypoint navigation for precise aerial position and an ultra-high resolution imaging sensor to capture all the relevant data. It can still fly in a windy environment, avoiding delays in any aerial mapping jobs on account of unfavorable weather conditions which was often the case with older professional aerial mapping equipment.

It has an extended battery life to support flights of up to 90 minutes ensuring the completion of a job in a single flight for multi-zone planning. Multiple trips will be necessary to plan a large survey zone, but this state-of-the-art technology still gets the job done in a fraction of the time when compared to older aerial mapping technologies.