Sky Cruiser FLYme UAV

Sky Cruiser FLYme UAV

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Product Description

The Sky Cruiser FLYme UAV is a fixed wing UAV with aerial photography for inspection, mapping and industrial applications.


  • Fixed-wing;
  • modular design;
  • 1000W electric pusher motor with 13-inch propeller;
  • Lithium polymer battery, one unit;
  • Industrial EPO foam;
  • Autopilot computer;
  • On-boared sensor: air speedometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer,etc.;
  • Integrated with radio data link device;
  • Sony RX1RII;
  • Automatic takeoff, flight, data capture and landing.


  • Road surveys;
  • Power line inspections;
  • Topographic surveys;
  • Mining surveys.

Key Benefits

  • Precise aerial positioning & waypoint navigation;
  • Smart elevation partition for elevated area;
  • Corridor/linear mapping flight plan;
  • Multi-zone planning in a single fight