Rotosure 32cm Deluxe Measuring Wheel

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The Classique Professional (RCP) is Rotosure’s market leading professional multipurpose measuring wheel. From motorways and malls to pools and promenades, the RCP takes long distance measurement, over a variety of terrain, in its stride. Developed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding user, the Rotosure RCP is an intuitively designed and extremely durable measuring wheel that will give you faithful service for years to come.

A strong and resilient yet lightweight frame makes it resistant to the hazards of daily use on site yet comfortable to use for extended periods. What’s more, unlike many of its competitors, the Rotosure RCP is belt, not cable, driven; this helps prevent costly damage caused by the counter mechanism snagging.

In addition, it also features an in-built trigger brake and counter reset button located in the wheel’s handle, both of which improve the wheel’s overall accuracy and eliminate the need to bend down.

Folding for easy storage and transportation at the click of a button, the RCP comes with a complimentary carry-case to protect it when not in use.

Accurate to within 0.5% and measuring to the nearest decimeter (10cm), the Classique Professional is a beautifully balanced wheel, allowing for confident measuring, both in straight lines and around corners. Remaining stable across a variety of terrains, including grass and sand (unlike many other wheels), it can be also be used in a variety of weather conditions thanks the unit’s large mechanical display, which is easy to read in even the harshest of light.

And finally, for complete peace of mind, the Rotosure RCP benefits from a comprehensive, two year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Features & Benefits

  • Professional design with robust build quality
  • Folds for easy storage when not in use / in transit
  • 99.5% accuracy guaranteed, with a maximum range of 9,999.9 metres
  • Integrated kick-stand for hands-free use
  • Wrist lanyard for security
  • Frame-mounted handle featuring brake and counter reset buttons
  • Complimentary carry-case for added protection and easy transportation
  • Built-in mud scraper to prevent the buildup of debris on the wheel
  • Superbly balanced, easy to manoeuvre in straight lines and on corners