Polaris TLS Series Laser Scanner

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The Polaris Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) delivers accurate, precise data faster than ever before, bridging the gap between small, light-weight, short-range sensors and large, long-range, pulsed time-of-flight scanners. Built with surveyors in mind, the Polaris TLS has a user-friendly on-board operator interface with menu-driven operations for quickly collecting and referencing data.

With an integrated high-resolution camera, inclinometers, a compass, a L1 GNSS receiver, and weather-proof housing, the Polaris can be deployed in many environments and orientations. The Polaris leads the market in price versus performance, starting at a price that rivals short-range scanners while outperforming most long-range scanners. With accelerated performance and all the built-in features surveyors need, a single Polaris TLS executes more applications than ever before. Whether on a tripod, vehicle, or moving platform, the outstanding performance of the Polaris makes it the most versatile terrestrial laser scanner on the market.

Professional Who Can Benefit from the Polaris TLS Series Laser Scanner’s Features

Many highly trained professionals can benefit from the features offered by the Polaris TLS Series Laser Scanner in order to collect data and fulfill their duties swiftly and accurately.

Mining professionals can make use of this high-tech piece of land surveying equipment by gathering relevant data quickly without placing a person in harm’s way as mining terrain can often be treacherous to brave on foot. This is true of many professions that require high-speed data acquisition equipment with a long-range capacity.

The Polaris TLS Series Laser Scanner lends itself particularly well to:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Heritage
  • Mining
  • Forensics
  • Forestry
  • Scientific Research

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