Maverick Mobile Mapping System

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Weighing under 9 kilograms, Maverick can be both installed and removed by a single individual. Maverick is easily mounted on a variety of platforms, including vehicles, ATVs/UTVs, Segways, trains, and backpacks. The portable system is able to operate in a wide range of conditions and can be utilized for projects of any size and scope. The portable system is able to operate in a wide range of conditions including indoor GNSS-deprived environments and can be utilized for projects of any size and scope.


Combining high-resolution 360° imaging, high-defi nition lidar, and an integrated position and orientation system, the Maverick delivers impressive and accurate mobile data. Maverick collects
up to 700,000 data points per second, and captures high-resolution images using six high-quality 5-MP sensors. The Maverick comes packaged with real-time data display and feedback, along with Distillery software to provide imaging, lidar, and GNSS postprocessing.

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