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Product Description

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Long Distance Measurement

Newly developed EDM Measures 5,000m with single prism, 8000-10,000m with 3 prisms.



 ■ Absolute Encoding Disc


On angle measurement, absolute encoding is a qualitative leap from Raster Disc.



■ All in One Board


In EDM, only one board responses for distance measurement. Easy to repair and completely gets rid of signal interference.



■ Rubber Circle for Industrial Proof

Most of parts are protected by rubber ring. Water and dust proof on site (IP55Class).



■ Laser Plummet on KTS-440LLand LLC


The laser pointer will project on the ground. No need for inconvenient observation through the optical plummet.

Much easier to adjust it.



■ Extendable Memory on 440LC and LLC


Internal memory: 2M storage .able to store 24000 point. External: 2G SD card. (for themodel with SD card function) No worry for short of memory space.