Kolida KTS-442 Total Station

  • Description


The KTS-442 LLC 2″ Total Stations are versatile with complete on-board applications. Its enhanced communication functions make surveying easier and faster.

Large Memory Capacity

The internal memory is available up to 24000 points and with the newly-designed numeric & alphabetic keypad, such Total Stations would definitely offer you total relaxation during operation along with its SD Card functionality.

Long-Distance Measuring Capabilities

With the built in reflector-less laser you can make measurements between 5 and 10km with the prism. Without the prism you will still reach an impressive 600m.

Streamlined Data Management

The KTS-442 LLC 2″ Total Stations make adding, removing, modifying and transferring data easy. It is even compatible with most desktop computers that will recognise the system as a USB or flash disk.

Ample Surveying Programmes Available

The majority of the programmes you will need are already on the KTS-442 LLC 2″ Total Station. The operating programmes include:

  • Angle offset
  • Angle repetition
  • Dual-distance offset
  • 3D coordinated measurement
  • Remote elevation
  • Missing line
  • Staking-out
  • Road design
  • Area calculation
  • Volume calculation
  • Reference line

Long Battery Life and Operating Time

The KTS-442 LLC 2″ Total Station supports two rechargeable batteries which allows for a battery life of 8 hours while performing distance measurement of up to 24 hours of continuous angle measurement.