Kolida Electronic Total Station KTS-442UT

Kolida Electronic Total Station KTS-442UT

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This reliable, powerful, cost efficient Manual Total Station features laser plummet and SD card.

Long distance measurement

Thanks to the high efficiency EDM, 442LLC features long distance measurements: up to 5000m using a single prism, with 2 millimeter accuracy.

Fast, Accurate, Reliable EDM

The fastest distance measuring speed is down to 0.1 to 0.3 second, with 2mm accuracy, makes any job extremely cost effective and reliable.

Large Memory & Easy Data Management

The 4Mb internal memory is able to store 40,000 points, the SD card up to 32 Gb can store a huge amount of data. Users don’t need to worry about memory space. Easily operation on data adding, deleting, modifying, transferring. Total station can be recognized as a flash memory disk by PC.

Rugged & Durable

IP55 dustproof/waterproof rating ensures 442’s high reliability in all weather conditions and allows working even under very humid conditions and where sand and dust are present.

The high performance telescope, featurs 30X magnification and illuminated reticle, provide the best sighting quality in any lighting condition.