Kolda K5 UFO GNSS Receiver

Kolda K5 UFO GNSS Receiver

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Product Description

Kolida K5 UFO, 440 Channels Gnss Receiver, Dual Battery, Adopt advanced UHF data link technology, proven low-elevation tracking technology and on-board multipath mitigation. Enhance radio work range.

Kolida K5 UFO GNSS Receiver

The advantage of lower price and better performance are depending on the reasonable and optimizing design to the subassemblies and components.

K5 UFO combines the extraordinary GNSS signal tracking and processing technology of high-end equipment and the economy of an entry-level equipment.

Its superior flexibility and long endurance make it be a high-performance system to meet your diverse work needs on both simple and complex projects.


440 Channels
Enhanced endurance
Long range radio Link
Android Application
Barrier-Free Measurement