Kolida K5 Plus+ GNSS Receiver

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Product Description

World-Leading Positioning Technology

Equipped with the most advanced GNSS positioning technology, K5 PLUS will provide you an awesome working experience.

Featuring an ultra-powerful GNSS mainboard, K5 PLUS can track and process signals from GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALIEO and SBAS systems. With this superior multi-Constellation compatibility, the satellite availability, signal acquiring speed are greatly improved, the waiting time has been shortened and the positioning accuracy (RTK) is up to 8mm+ 1ppm in horizontal and 15mm+
1PPM in vertical.

Versatility and Flexibility

Every unit of K5 PLUS can work as base receiver or rover receiver. The built-in transceiving radio can transmit signal to 1-5km away even farther. The integrated 4G/GPRS module enables seamless real time connection with CORS networks. Bluetooth 4.0 technology supports the connection to IOS, Android cell phone and all kinds of data collector.

A newly-designed Smart Power Management program can reduce energy spill and extends working hours. Smart Voice Prompt program can guide your operation and
system trouble-shooting.

Smaller but Stronger

K5 PLUS is one of the smallest GNSS receivers in the world, the diameter of the top end is only 134mm, the height of receiver is 118mm, total volume is 1.02L and it weighs only 1KG.

Magnesium alloy materials create an extremely rugged, compact and light machine body for K5 PLUS. The anti-impact ability, shock absorbing ability and heat dissipation ability are greatly improved.

The whole-seal design brings K5 PLUS an IP 67 level industrial class proof ability, makes the receiver withstand all kinds of stresses from harsh environment.