GPS GNSS Kolida K5 Plus+ Infinity

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Embedded Linux platform (optional)

Supports multi-threaded operation mode, faster operation, lower power consumption, intelligent control of operating status, open development of data interfaces, support for secondary development, and user convenience. You can customize the function according to your own situation, and have the possibility and availability of unlimited expansion of equipment.

Full-featured radio

Send and receive integrated integrated full-featured internal radio, typical operating distance of 5 kilometers, to meet the needs of conventional operations, support for radio relay and network routing capabilities, effectively extending the working distance. Network and radio relay mode: The mobile station broadcasts the received network or station differential signal again through the internal radio station and distributes it to other mobile stations.

NFC flash touch pairing technology

The new NFC flash touch pairing technology enables quick pairing with the hands-on book to get rid of the complicated Bluetooth search and connection process in the past. With a single touch, you can successfully pair. The quick connection between the console and the host solves this problem.

Dual-mode long-distance Bluetooth

The industry’s first Bluetooth connectivity technology, equipped with 4.0 standard dual-mode long-distance Bluetooth, can connect mainstream mobile phones, tablets and other digital products, and is compatible with the 2.1 standard, connecting hands. Efficient and stable data transmission technology, Bluetooth distance farther, giving users more comfortable homework experience.

Full constell

The full constellation multi-band reception technology fully supports all current and planned GNSS satellite signals, and particularly supports Beidou B1, B2 and B3.

High speed network

4G full Netcom module, downward compatible, suitable for various signal areas, more options are available. The new network architecture supports the current mainstream CORS system.

Cloud service

24-hour cloud service support, always solve the user online upgrade, online registration, remote diagnosis and other needs, so that measurement exceeds time and space.

Tilt measurement

A built-in tilt compensator automatically corrects the coordinates based on the tilt direction and angle of the centering bar.

Intelligent Core Platform

The new and efficient intelligent kernel platform has faster computing power and lower power consumption, improving the overall stability of the host. Based on the platform, it can monitor the running status of each part of the host computer in real time, and provides humanized functions such as intelligent power-saving mode, intelligent voice, and intelligent diagnosis.

Universal Data Communication

Fully support the mainstream radio communication protocol and realize interconnection with imported products. The new network program structure is seamlessly compatible with existing CORS systems.