Teledyne CMS V500 Cavity Monitoring System

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The Optech CMS (Cavity Monitoring System) is an ideal scanning solution for dangerous and inaccessible cavities, letting the operator stand safely clear while surveying. CMS collects thousands of points to determine the cavity’s size, orientation and volume, and this insight into the mine’s actual structure improves mine efficiency and operations. Easy to transport, set up and georeference, the fully-programmable CMS also lets users optimize their scan parameters and produces data in universally adopted formats for efficient workflow integration.

The new and improved V500 model continues this standard with features such as resection/backsighting, a smaller insertion profile and wireless operation. The new built-in camera makes CMS V500 an inspection tool as well, enabling the operator to visualise and record ore passes, raises, storage bins, ventilation shafts and other inaccessible areas.

  • Accurate 3D models of cavities, to compare data quickly and easily
  • Real-time data visualisation, to check data quality immediately before leaving the site
  • Wireless operation, to monitor operation from a safe area
  • Windows-based PC operation, allowing for portable and flexible operation
  • Export CMS data into any mine planning software and CAD platform for analysis

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