Pentax AP-220 Dumpy Level

  • Description


Whether you are a civil or agricultural engineer, a landscaper or working in the general building and construction industry you need a reliable Level. Afgen has chosen to make the Pentax AP-220 Dumpy Level part of our product offering thanks to its ingenious design.

The Pentax AP-220 Dumpy Level has proven to be a popular choice among professionals thanks to its affordable nature when compared to other levelling equipment without sacrificing accuracy. As an entry level designed for ease of use and guaranteed productivity, this Pentax product is the first choice for many looking to get the job done quickly and with unadulterated accuracy. This along with its long list of features of benefits is what makes it particularly well-liked among those with apprentices and those taking on a teaching role as part of their profession.

Features and Benefits of the Pentax AP-220 Dumpy Level

  • Very Short Focusing Distance: 0,3m
  • Optimal for close range work
  • Robust construction: Metal top cover
  • Weather and Dust Resistance: IP55
  • An easy-to-read horizontal circle
  • Magnetic damped automatic compensator for rapid and accurate results
  • Light Weight: 1,25 kg
  • Accurately record data for Parallels, References and Elevations in a short time

When you invest in this product from a world-renowned brand with a world-wide service network you can ensure that information and maintenance are widely available. The standard configuration includes:

  • A carrying case
  • Plumb bob
  • User-manual