Afgen Truline 1600 Series Mine Alignment Lasers


Truline 1600 Series alignment lasers are designed to easily and economically extend lines in all mining operations while meeting the demanding conditions experienced in the tough mining environment.

For quick and accurate extensions of line the laser is suspended between survey spads, or other points on the roof. The patented hook design prevents the cord from slipping out when knocked or tilted.

When used in combination with the Laser Square the Truline Laser becomes the Ideal Mine Development System for both extending Lines and Turning off Angles simply,quickly,accurately and economically.

The Truline laser has South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)intrinsic Safe approval for use in Hazardous Areas. Approval Number IA no. SABS M/S08/X

For more details on this system refer to the Product Brochure PDF