Underground service Locators

Underground Service Locators


Underground service locators are survey instruments that play a vital role in locating sub-surface infrastructure. These survey instruments are extremely important to the construction industry as they help to avoid damaging sub-surface items like power lines, water pipes and telecommunication infrastructure. With Leica survey equipment like the Digicat 550i, 650i and 750i range this task becomes far simpler and less risky.

Ease of Use

One of the greatest challenge with underground service location in the past was the complexity of the task, as well as the high likelihood of human error. With Afgen’s Leica Digicat devices you have access to ‘Automatic Pinpointing’, which ensures the optimal sensitivity for whatever environment you are working in. In this way these survey instruments remove the need to manually adjust sensitivity settings, and with this reduce the chance for human error.

Increased Accuracy

Modern, advanced underground service locators have greatly improved accuracy in searching for sub-surface infrastructure in a number of ways, one of which is depth estimates. Older equipment may have been able to pick up the presence of infrastructure, but by using our Leica survey equipment together with Digitex 100t or 300t signal transmitters you are able to more accurately estimate the depth of this infrastructure. With this information you can more precisely determine hazard zones which need to be avoided or moved around with extreme caution.