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Survey Drones

Survey Drones are revolutionising the world of survey instrument sales, as well as the way work is carried out in related industries. That is why Afgen offers a range of industry-leading DJI drones and the highly effective Bramor ppX UAS survey drone.

Afgen has made a point of offering our clients the best drones to successfully fulfil the various requirements of the industry. The following are some of the advantages offered by survey drones over other, more traditional land surveying equipment:


Drones provide a means of overcoming these obstacles, especially in areas with rugged or impassable terrain. Also, survey drones can cover far more ground much faster than a team of surveyors on foot, drastically saving on operational time and costs. Furthermore, survey drones make use of a variety of surveying instruments, cameras and related devices to enable a host of surveying tasks.


Adding to the time saved in the surveying of an area, the software packages which accompany the use of survey drones provide a means of automatically acquiring and implementing data. Whereas traditional survey equipment would require the time taken to collect the data followed by the time taken to record it, drones and computers can handle this seamlessly and simultaneously without those delays.

Risk reduction

The use of survey drones has proven effective in reducing the risk faced by personnel, as surveyors no longer need to traverse unstable or difficult terrain by foot. Also, in the case of surveying industrial areas or areas containing hazardous materials, there is no need to expose humans to these potentially life-threatening hazards.