Pipe Lasers


Pipe lasers (also known as utility construction lasers) are the main grading and alignment tool used by many utility contractors today. These survey instruments are particularly applicable to contractors working on projects such as sewer construction and the installation of gravity-fed pipes.

Afgen’s Geomax Zeta 125 Laser and Laisai 650 Pipe Laser have been designed specifically to last under the typical conditions faced by pipe lasers. These devices boast an IP68 (Ingress Protection) rating, ensuring users that they are able to withstand much of the typical threats faced by pipe lasers such as dirt and moisture, among others.

Maximum flexibility is ensured with these devices through a wide range of accessories to suit various application needs (for instance, using a transit mounted on a manhole transit tower). Long distance remote controls add to the flexibility of use of these instruments, allowing users to remotely adjust the line and grade.

Productivity is heightened with fast self-levelling and automatic target alignment capabilities, as well as cross axis compensation.