Intrinsically Safe Camera

Modern surveying solutions cannot be implemented effectively and efficiently without the use of a camera. With highly developed software and specialised cameras specialists in all fields of collecting, surveying and processing data can complete their jobs more accurately and faster thanks to the evolution of photogrammetry.
The key to any good camera intended to be used as a surveying instrument is that it should be intrinsically safe. This way you know it has been built to withstand and overcome harsh conditions that may be experienced in the field and still deliver great results.

This may include features such as:

  • Waterproof
  • Freeze proof
  • Dust proof
  • Shock resistant

A durable, intrinsically safe camera means that the camera will not be hindered by weather conditions in any way so you get the job done right, every time, no matter what you may come across on the day of data collection.


When choosing an intrinsically safe camera as part of your surveying equipment be sure that the camera is adaptable in its abilities. The cameras features should all cater to the kind of data you wish to capture in varying situations. Features such as optical zoom, various modes including interval and time-lapse shooting, and LCD monitors will be beneficial.


Despite possible harsh conditions in the field an intrinsically safe camera should still be able to deliver accurate data by means of photogrammetry. With features like remote triggering and enhanced readability you do not have to sacrifice accuracy for functionality. Both the accuracy and functionality of the device allow specialists to spend less time in the field collecting data and more time processing said data. The processing of collected data is also made faster when pairing the use of an intrinsically safe camera with other surveying supplies and software.