Afgen Mine and Tunnel Alignment Lasers

Afgen Mine and Tunnel Alignment Lasers

Afgen’s alignment lasers are essential to making mining activities effective, quick and safe. Afgen’s mine and tunnel alignment lasers are designed to make the tough mining environment easy for surveyors and other workers to tackle despite demanding conditions. When it comes to high-tech survey tools, Afgen strives to provide the best.

Efficient and Easy to Use

The innovation of mining lasers has brought new levels of efficiency and ease of use to mines across the world. Lasers will undoubtedly play a starring role in the future of underground, surface and open pit mining. The implementation of alignment and mining lasers will make the surveying process faster and more accurate.

Enhanced Safety

The sinking on mine shafts is not uncommon and can lead to changes in calculations or catastrophes. Alignment and mining lasers are able to vastly improve the necessary supervision for underground mining which can maximise the overall safety of the mine and mine operations.

The Truline laser from Afgen has South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) intrinsic Safety Approval for use in Hazardous Areas. Approval Number IA no. SABS M/S08/X.

Reduced Costs

The use of mining lasers, especially in underground mining, can reduce operating costs substantially. Their ability to streamline means they are a must-have bit of equipment. Modern mining lasers have the ability to eliminate costs associated with jacklegs, drill steel, powder, blasting caps and other small tools.