Pro-Nivo Survey Equipment

Pro-Nivo’s line of survey equipment has been designed with efficiency and accuracy in mind. Their products are able to withstand the harsh environments often found on survey sites. Their compact designs make their construction lasers easy to carry around, set up, and work with on-site. Many of their lasers come with rechargeable lithium batteries making them perfect for work on the move. Whether you require an interior or outdoor construction laser, Pro-Nivo has the correct equipment to suit your requirements with extreme accuracy. 

Who is Pro-Nivo?

Pro-Nivo is a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing construction lasers. Even though they offer other survey equipment, their survey lasers are by far superior in make and durability. Their company is based in Germany, with their headquarters located in Sankt Wolfgang. Their equipment has been tailored to perfection to ensure that those within the construction surveying industry receive accurate results. Their design and manufacturing process is backed by decades of experience and knowledge. Their products have also been tried and tested to ensure you receive a high-quality piece of equipment that truly works. 

Pro-Nivo Products Available at Afgen 

At Afgen we stock and sell Pro-Nivo construction lasers, including both rotary and grade lasers. This is due to the fact that Pro-Nivo provides construction lasers that you can trust. They have designed their lasers with accuracy at the forefront of their vision, ensuring you have the right data each and every time.

A Perfectly Engineered Product

Pro-Nivo strives to create construction lasers that are perfectly engineered for surveyors who value accuracy and efficiency. When you opt for Pro-Nivo equipment you are met with a product that will live up to your expectations.