Mining Lasers in South Africa: Providing You with Easy and Accurate Alignment

Mining Lasers in South Africa: Providing You with Easy and Accurate Alignment

Mining is a tough industry no matter how you look at it. The environment and conditions under which miners need to operate are strenuous and dangerous, requiring a truly resilient person to be able to succeed at the tasks assigned to them. This is why it is important to supply miners with technology that can help them in any way possible, making their job easier and safer. 

The mining laser is such a device, which is why we will explain what it is, the benefits it can offer miners and where one can find a mining laser in South Africa. 

What Is a Mining Laser?

A mining laser, also known as an alignment laser, is a device that assists miners in the task of aligning certain operating equipment. If the machinery and equipment are not properly aligned it can be dangerous for workers and will not perform optimally. 

The Benefits of Mining Lasers

There are three main benefits that are experienced by surveyors and other mining workers when making use of a mining laser. These benefits consist of: 

  • Simple and Effective: Mining lasers are easy to use and have significantly simplified the task of equipment alignment. Due to this technology, the process of surveying has been able to speed up and become more efficient.
  • Increased Safety: As mine shafts sink, calculations can be caused to change and catastrophe can strike. The use of a mining laser can mitigate these dangers and increase safety.
  • Cost-Effective: due to the increase in efficiency, mining lasers save money in the long term, while also reducing the costs associated with other equipment and tools such as drill steel, blasting caps, jacklegs, and more. 

Where to Find Tunnelling Lasers in South Africa

At Afgen we stock two different types of mining lasers; namely, the Truline 1600 Series Mine Alignment Laser and the Uniline DL1500 Series Mine and Tunnel Alignment Laser.  Each one is suited to a certain environment and the choice between the two depends on your specific requirements. It is important to understand what your needs are when comparing and making a choice between the two.

To discuss and receive assistance with choosing the best option for your requirements, contact us at Afgen. 

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