Leica Disto D110 Laser Distance Measurer

Leica Disto D110 Laser Distance Measurer

The Leica disto laser distance measurer is the latest offering in the Afgen arsenal, and will make for a handy tool in any project. Light and very simple to operate, the Leica Disto D110 will improve the precision of your operation in ways that other distance measurers cannot. Accurate distance measurements are vital to industries such as construction, mining and civil planning.

Whether you need to measure the point-to-point distances, horizontal distances or even angles, with the right survey instrument, it is all possible. The Leica Disto D110 is also capable of gathering indirect measurements. This is especially useful when attempting to acquire measurements in settings where there is no reflective target point, and thus cannot be measured by conventional lasers.

Leica Disto Features Explained

This smart device boasts various capabilities that will make any measuring job a breeze! Features include:


Leica Disto D110 includes Bluetooth Smart (V4.0) capability that will allow it to automatically send measurements to your tablet or phone. (A Disto-compatible app must be running and connected to the Disto via the app). Your phone will pick up the Disto in your Bluetooth pairing settings.

Change the Measurement Unit

You can change the measurement unit to accommodate what you require for the job. These include options such as:

  • meter (three decimal places)
  • 0000 meter (four decimal places)
  • 00 ft. (feet with two decimal places)
  • feet and inches, displaying to the nearest 1/32 ”
  • inches, displaying to the nearest 1/32
  • Straight line single distance measurement

Measure Various Areas

The Leica Disto 110 can measure straight lines and distances in an area using consecutive data reading capabilities.

Overcoming Adverse Lighting

Modern survey equipment like this distance measurer is also better able to overcome adverse light conditions. For example, where older generation digital distance meters were limited to indoor use or use during the darker hours of night and day, modern Disto technology is able to provide the added advantage of sunny weather measurements.

Height Profile Measurements

Disto lasers are also able to effectively display the distances and height differences to established reference points. This allows for quicker, easier profile measurements, as well as a means of checking whether floors and beams are level and straight.

For more information on the Leica Disto 110, you can see all related specs here, and watch a detailed video that demonstrates it’s capabilities! For more quality surveying equipment to assist with any project, contact our experts!

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