Latest Surveying Equipment: How Far We’ve Come

Latest Surveying Equipment: How Far We’ve Come

Land surveying techniques and methods have come a very long way over the years, and this is as a result of the implementation of advanced technology in surveying. Where land surveyors once used crude tools like chains of a certain length and basic compasses, we now have complex devices that can complete a task with near perfect accuracy in mere minutes.

Being part of a competitive industry, land surveyors need to continuously keep up with the latest in surveying software, devices, and their own education.

Advanced Technology in Surveying

There are various developments in the surveying field, and we are sure to see many more as the necessity for simplified, automated solutions continues to grow. Some of the technology that is currently available to land surveyors today has revolutionised projects and opened doors to more advancements.

GPS and GNSS Technology in Surveying

Surveying and engineering have been revolutionised by the use of GPS technology, which are used to determine height, longitude, latitude, and more. They are used in multiple different instances for many tasks, and are a handy tool for those looking for a cost-effective, accurate, and fast results.

The future of the GPS system is looking bright, with inventors focusing on advancing hardware, software, and the satellite imagery used to create detailed results that can be easily read and implemented from.

Drones in Surveying

Drones have also become an integral part of the surveying industry by allowing the downsizing of equipment, increasing the rate of productivity and efficiency on tasks, and giving rise to user-friendly drone software that any generation of surveyor can navigate.

Land surveying is the precise measurement of distance or positioning between spaces using accurate data and a land surveying drone. Data provided by the drone is then used to help make informed land development decisions; from construction planning, to determining property boundaries, road mapping and general landscaping, and more.

With drone usage and drone laws coming to the forefront of the surveying scene, we can expect to see many exciting innovations give rise to more state-of the-art digital cameras, lithium polymer batteries, close-range oblique aerial photography, and other innovative technologies.

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