Laser Levels for Sale

ProNivo Laser PNRLRG 3D

Laser Levels for Sale

Just like other modern survey equipment, construction laser levels have changed the construction industry by providing higher levels of accuracy and efficiency. They offer a convenient means of measuring everything from distances and angles, to levelling, aligning, and a host of other construction tasks. Construction laser levels are also very useful in the controlling of machinery, efficient excavation work, and accurate erection of buildings.

Types of Laser Levels

Construction lasers come in a variety of types, each suited for performing specialised or general tasks. Among our construction laser survey instruments, the most widely used types include rotary and grade lasers.

Rotary Laser Levels

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, rotary lasers emit a 360° laser level line. Depending on the model, rotating laser levels can be used to provide excellent orientation references across horizontal, vertical, and slope applications. They’re perfect for aligning and levelling railings around a room as well.

Grade Lasers

Grade lasers, also known as slope lasers, are used to calculate the slope of a hill or rise. These construction laser levels are available in either single or dual slope options, with single slope reading a slope on one axis while dual slope machines provide readings on two slopes on separate axes. Also, since the Leica survey equipment we supply is capable of doing automated work, you can simply let this construction laser do the work accurately for you.

Laser Level from Afgen

LS-G666S 3D 360° Green Laser Level

3D 360° Green Laser Level is a digital continuous or pulse laser, that provides high accuracy and multipurpose construction reference for landscaping, warehouse construction, pipe construction etc.

LS-525S Electronic Levelling Laser Scanner

The Electronic Levelling Laser Scanner is a digital multi-functional full-automatic rotary laser, which has integrated the most advanced photoelectricity and digital technology. Its precise electronic levelling system and digital grade set makes the instrument satisfy all your job requirements.

Afgen stocks a range of laser levels for sale. Contact our team for more information on these and other survey equipment in South Africa!

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