Intrinsically Safe Cameras for Surveying Purposes

intrinsically safe cameras for surveyors

Intrinsically Safe Cameras for Surveying Purposes

Surveying sites are notorious for being dangerous environments. Surveyors often work in environments where dangerous gases, chemicals, and other hazardous substances could pose a threat should something go wrong. Because of this, it is important to ensure that the equipment utilised is intrinsically safe and will not cause further endangerment of the surveyor and other personnel on-site.

One of the commonly used pieces of equipment on surveying sites are cameras. It is important to ensure that your surveying camera is intrinsically safe as this will ensure a higher level of safety on site and will ensure that the camera lasts longer.

What Are Intrinsically Safe Devices?

Intrinsically safe equipment is altered to limit the electronic or thermal energy that would typically cause an ignition. This is done by lowering the power, current, and voltage to a level that will still allow for the equipment to operate, but that is too low for an ignition to occur. Therefore, internal temperature levels are controlled and the danger of something going wrong is drastically reduced.

What to Look for in an Intrinsically Safe Camera

When searching for an intrinsically safe camera it is important to ensure that the camera has certain features so that the user may reap the benefits.

  • Durability: A camera that is truly intrinsically safe will be resistant to water, dust, heat, shock, and frost. This will ensure that the camera can handle the harsh environments encountered during surveying and will allow the camera to have a long lifespan.
  • Adaptability: It is important to take into consideration which type of data you would like to capture with your camera. The camera you opt for should be adaptable enough to capture all the data you require from it. Some features to look out for would be optical zoom, time-lapse shooting, and more.
  • Accuracy: One of the most important aspects of an intrinsically safe camera is the ability to deliver accurate data. Therefore it must make use of photogrammetry.

Intrinsically Safe Digital Camera Price

A good quality intrinsically safe camera will cost you a few thousand rand. However, it is a piece of equipment that will last you for many years to come and will increase the efficiency and accuracy with which you complete a project.

Afgen stocks the Ricoh WG – 80 intrinsically safe camera. This is a highly robust model that will be able to provide you with all of the information you might possibly need to do your job well. Contact us at Afgen to find out more about the Ricoh WG – 80 intrinsically safe camera and other survey equipment you might require.

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