Handheld GPS for Surveying: Do I Need One?

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Handheld GPS for Surveying: Do I Need One?

Global positioning system (GPS) devices are not only used for navigational purposes; they have become an integral part of land surveying. Their accurate data capturing allows land surveyors to create maps, determine the time it takes between distances, establish property lines and create precise reporting for architects, developers and engineers.

Advantages of the Handheld GPS in Land Surveying

High Accuracy

A single mistake in the land surveillance process can impact the entire project, leading to critical errors. Accuracy is crucial, and survey grade GPS systems provide the highest standard of accuracy, by transmitting to 24 separate satellites that provide accurate feedback. Because of this, calculations can be made quickly and effectively, regardless of limited line-of-site and other hindering factors.

Integration with Other Land Surveying Equipment

Most handheld GPS devices are built with mobile data or WiFi capabilities, making it easy to integrate and analyse data on-site. Other land surveying equipment such as total stations may have their own GPS functionality, or could be supported by your handheld GPS. Their Windows or Android Embedded operating systems allow for easy data transmission to laptops and computers.

Portability and Ease of Use

A handheld GPS device is exactly that; it is lightweight and compact enough to be carried around the site without becoming a cumbersome burden. This takes the legwork out of hauling around heavy equipment, requiring more staff to assist; therefore, this device saves money and labour! The battery life on modern handheld GPS equipment has been impressively extended, allowing for hours of use without the concern of the device powering off in the middle of a project.

If you are looking for quality land surveying equipment and handheld GPS surveying devices, Afgen stocks a host of reliable GNSS / GPS systems that boast all of the properties mentioned above, and more. For these, and other reliable survey equipment, contact us!

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