Exploring the Topcon 3D Laser Scanner and Its Impact on ICT Construction

Exploring the Topcon 3D Laser Scanner and Its Impact on ICT Construction

A 3D laser scanner is a tool commonly used in ICT construction that captures precise 3D measurements of physical objects or environments. It is a highly advanced technology that has revolutionised the way construction projects are planned and executed.

Topcon’s 3D laser scanner, in particular, is one of the leading products in the market. In this article, we will explore its features and benefits and how it has impacted ICT construction.


What Is A 3D Laser Scanner?


A 3D laser scanner consists of a spinning laser beam directed towards the object or environment being scanned. The scanner captures millions of cloud data points by measuring the distance from the scanner to the object using time-of-flight principles. These cloud data points are then processed to create a highly accurate 3D representation of the scanned area.


What Makes The Topcon 3D Laser Scanner Stand Out?


The Topcon GLS-2200 laser scanner distinguishes itself as the best fit for ICT construction through several key features that cater specifically to this industry’s demanding needs.


  • The precise 3D point cloud data accuracy of up to 1mm is crucial for detailed planning and execution in construction projects, ensuring high-fidelity measurements.


  • On-board programs for resection and occupation/backsight further streamline surveying, enhancing setup efficiency and data collection. 


  • The 360° prism enables long-range target scans, broadening the scanner’s utility in diverse construction scenarios. 


  • HDR image capture produces clear point cloud data and supports visualisation and analysis of the scanned environment, leaving no detail unnoticed. 


  • Remote control operation offers convenient and safe scanning, even in challenging conditions. 


  • Japanese quality guarantees reliability and durability, establishing it as a powerful tool for ICT construction professionals globally.


The Impact on ICT Construction


The implementation of the Topcon GLS-2200 in ICT construction revolutionised the way data is captured, analysed, and utilised.

In the past, surveyors had to manually measure each point and record the information, often resulting in human error and slower completion times. 

It automates this process, significantly reducing errors and saving time. Its high accuracy and precise 3D representation also allow for more efficient construction project planning and execution. 

This results in cost savings for clients and increased productivity for construction companies.


Looking For A Top-Class 3D Laser Scanner?


The Topcon GLS-2200 is an industry-leading tool trusted by construction professionals worldwide. If you want to be at the forefront of ICT construction technology, incorporating this laser scanner into your workflow is a must.

At Afgen, an authorised Topcon dealer, we stock the Topcon GLS-2200 and can provide training and support for its use. 

Don’t get left behind; contact us and upgrade to the Topcon GLS-2200 3D laser scanner now.

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