E-Survey Survey Equipment

E-Survey recognised that there was a gap in the market for GNSS equipment that provided a high-performance solution. Their GNSS equipment provides the user with a variety of benefits that don’t often culminate in other options on the market. Their GNSS products work across the globe and in any environment. They are equipped with the latest atlas RTK technology providing them with accuracy and reliability. This ensures that their GNSS technology will even work in areas where tall buildings and trees would typically block their signals. Their equipment is also flexible as it is able to integrate and work with other GNSS brands. 

Who is E-Survey?

E-Survey GNSS forms a part of Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Their goal is to assist surveyors by providing them with high-quality equipment that has been engineered to make their work accurate and cost-efficient while reaching higher levels of productivity and ease of use. They have already made big technological advancements within their field and transformed many industries with their equipment. Although they have created fantastic survey equipment, they have also used their knowledge to design and manufacture equipment for construction, agricultural, and other industries. E-Survey has a global footprint and continues to strive for excellence and advancement of its technology. 

E-Survey Products Available at Afgen 

At Afgen we have two E-Survey products that are available for purchase. As a superior brand of GNSS technology, an E-Survey product is always a good investment and addition to your equipment. The E-Survey products that we stock consist of:

  • Field Controllers
  • GNSS and GPS Sytems

Strive for Excellence

When you choose E-Survey you are choosing a product that will provide you with high performance and reliability, ensuring that you will never make a mistake on a survey.