Drone Software for Surveying

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Drone Software for Surveying

Drone surveying software has revolutionised surveying, providing optimum speed and unmatched accuracy in the construction, mining and earthmoving industries. Data that can be processed efficiently without losing accuracy which is the goal for anyone who works with maps and spatial data.

It is well-known that GNSS / GIS technology can significantly shorten the timeframes of almost any project.

Benefits of Drone Software

  • Speed and efficiency – Drone surveying software can cut the time of a project, as well as the manpower and effort, in half, if not more. The software is so advanced and accurate that, accompanied by the necessary quality surveying equipment, it can’t be matched.
  • Affordability – Because the software reduces the need for manpower and additional equipment, GNSS / GIS surveying software will allow for a larger profit on each project.
  • Quality – The smart technology of the software allows for manipulation of data to fit specific tasks and multiple interpretations from one data reading completed by the drone.

Different Types of Drone Surveying Software

There are multiple different programs that can be used according to different requirements.

Agisoft Metashape 3D Modelling and Mapping Software

This drone surveying software allows users to automatically transform digital images into textured 3D models in order to capture the scene. No matter the area, whether indoors or out, or the object being surveyed, Agisoft Metashape can generate 3D models for presentations, and for use in GIS applications.

Global Mapper

Global Mapper is a GIS software that offers data creating, editing, rendering and analysis tools. It can work as both a spatial data management tool, as well as part of an enterprise-wide GIS. Global Mapper offers support for every known spatial file format, which means that it can read, write, edit and analyse all spatial data.

MicroSurvey FieldGenius Data Collection

As one of the most powerful data collection software in land surveying, FieldGenius allows for code-free linework, smart points, and live graphics. With an adaptive user interface, FieldGenius works on extended displays and devices, making it easy to complete projects from any location.

Carlson SurvCE Land Surveying

Carlson SurvCE Land Surveying is a user-friendly, technically advanced land surveying software that can work independently or alongside SurvPC. Features include guidance symbols to provide intuitive real-time information, giving the user helpful steps to get the project done quickly.

EZSURV™ GNSS Post Processing

EZSURV™ GNSS Post Processing is a GNSS processing software that allows offline processing and data collection. It supports most coordinate systems while working seamlessly with other integrated field survey software. It is one of the bestselling GNSS Post-Processing Software solutions on the market.

Browse through our selection of drone surveying software in our products section to find the fit for your requirements. For other surveying solutions, contact us.

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