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DJI Survey Drones

DJI is a company that believes in making use of creativity and innovation to design and manufacture new and inventive solutions for the surveying industry. They have merged the newest technological advancements with a knowledge of what surveyors require. This has allowed them to produce a product that increases the accuracy and efficiency of surveying tasks. Surveyors are now able to collect data and have a view of a survey site that was previously inaccessible. This data is now easily gathered and stored. When making use of new and innovative methods, surveying becomes easier and faster. This allows for the opportunity to complete more projects in a timely manner.

Who is DJI?

DJI is a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing drones. Their drones are used in multiple industries including agriculture, filmmaking, and surveying. Their survey drones have been specifically designed to service the surveying industry by easily and accurately gathering the data that is required to perform a job to the best of one’s ability. The DJI headquarters are based in Shenzhen, which is known as the “silicon valley of Cina”. DJI has finally made mapping, modelling, and inspecting job sites easy and accurate with their aerial surveying technology. 

DJI Products Available at Afgen 

Afgen carries and sells DJI drones that have been specifically designed and built to elevate your job as a surveyor. The use of drones within the surveying industry has revolutionised the way data is gathered. Afgen believes in investing in the surveying technology of the future to increase accuracy, efficiency, and productivity on site. 

Elevate Through Vision

When you choose to invest in a DJI survey drone you are making the choice to join the future and elevate your job through vision and innovation.