Carlson Survey Software: Land Surveying Made Easier

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Carlson Survey Software: Land Surveying Made Easier

Carlson SurvCE Land Surveying software is a user-friendly, technically advanced land surveying software that can work independently or alongside SurvPC. Carlson offers video tutorials detailing how to use each of their products, including their Carlson SurvCE software, which offers a host of core features to assist in any land surveying project.

Simplified User Experience

Carlson SurvCE has been designed with the user in mind. Their colourful icons have been standardised to assist the user-friendliness of all the features, while the modern design is aesthetically pleasing.

“Hot List” Shortcut Functionality

Where users previously had to memorise shortcuts to “jump” from one feature to the next, the “Hot List” feature allows users to do this from wherever they are in the program without needing to remember any shortcuts.


SurvCE can compute volumes between two surfaces; one surface and an elevation, or simple stockpile volumes. Surfaces can be defined by graphical entities and points, or by Carlson TIN files.

Additional Help Features

Apart from the multiple tutorials available, SurvCE software has optional on-board help files. These files consist of the entire user manual and can be installed separately.

Levelling Feature

Carlson SurvCE can be used to collect trigonometric level loops and digital level loops. Loops can be processed and adjusted on the device and all existing project coordinate points can be updated.

GPS Networks

SurvCE supports several GPS network protocols, such as NTRIP, TCP and UDP.


The software supports an unlimited number of localization points. All project scale settings and coordinate system options have been centrally located in the localization dialog.

Feature Coding

SurvCE can collect parallel lines using the offset horizontal and offset vertical line drawing commands and close a rectangle by three points using the rectangle command. The user can even auto compute and store the additional points at the line vertices that were created by the software. It allows the user to code in numerous coding styles that may be defined by their office package.

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