The Best Drones In South Africa For Surveying

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The Best Drones In South Africa For Surveying

Over the past few years, drones have revolutionised the surveying industry by providing more efficient and cost-effective solutions than traditional land surveying methods. If you are searching for the best drone for your surveying needs this article lists the best drones in South Africa. So read on to find out more!


Where Are Surveying Drones Applied in South Africa? 


Before we list the best drones in South Africa for surveying purposes, it is crucial to understand where they are commonly used as different types of drones are used in different applications. The following applications include:


  • Construction, engineering, and architecture
  • Mining
  • Urban planning
  • Agriculture
  • Natural resource management 


In all of these applications, it is clear why the best drone for surveying purposes is important. With the right type of drone and drone surveying software, surveyors and engineers can quickly and accurately capture data over large areas, saving time and money while improving accuracy.

One of the best types of drones for surveying in South Africa is the DJI drone range. DJI drones are known for their reliability and advanced features, making them popular for surveying professionals.

Have a look below and discover the DJI drone range, which is some of the best drones in South Africa you can use for surveying.


1. DJI Matrice 30 


The DJI Matrice 30 survey drone is a portable, powerful, lightweight drone with multiple advanced cameras and excellent flight abilities. This survey drone can withstand the harshest of weather conditions, so it doesn’t matter if you’re working in a thunderstorm or a desert; you can rely on the DJI Matrice 30. 


2. DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series


The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series is the perfect small drone for your everyday commercial use. This drone has a mechanical shutter, a 56× zoom camera, and an RTK module for centimetre-level precision. In addition, the Mavic 3 also has thermal vision, making firefighting, search and rescue, and night operations possible. According to DJI, these are also great drones for beginners! So if you’re new, be sure to keep this drone in mind. 


3. Matrice 300 RTK Enterprise


The Matrice 300 RTK Enterprise is one of DJI’s newest commercial drones. With advanced AI capabilities, 55 minutes of flight time, and six directional sensings & positioning, this drone provides unrivalled reliability. Record your drone’s mission, enjoy multiple payload configurations, and streamline your tracking progress with the Matrice 300 RTK. 


Where Can You Get The Best Drones In South Africa?


At Afgen, we stock the best DJI Enterprise drones for all your surveying needs. Contact us today, and become a part of the revolutionising survey industry!

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